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Learn More About Atheros

There are many companies out there that produce wireless products.  Atheros was started in 1998, with and emphasis on 5GHz technology.  Over the last decade this company has continued to rise to the top producing a strong line of WLAN products such as wireless network processors, Bluetooth technology, Ethernet technology, and PAS cellular solutions.  Current President and CEO, Dr. Craig H. Barrett, has brought this company over twenty wireless and other related technology patents.

Atheros WLAN products are known for their easy use.  An example of this has to do with the purchase of Jumpstart for Wireless.  When you have this product you can set up an Atheros based network with a push of a button.  Setting up this network allows users to add any certified Wi-Fi protected setup device (ie. Digital cameras, cell phones, VoIP phones, digital media players, MP3 players, set top boxes, and gaming devices) to it.  Microsoft has added the Atheros WLAN technology to their home and office computers with the Vista program.

Atheros has continually improved on Wi-Fi standards.  The 802.11n Wi-Fi standard replaced the 802.11a, 802.11b, and 802.11g with the added benefits of allowing WLAN devices to communicate more efficiently.   The need for greater bandwidth has increased the need for better/ higher wireless technology.  You will see this increase with VoIP , Microsoft Media Center standard TV stream, and MPEG 2 HDTV products.  The increases are as follows:  VoIP with 1 Mbps, Microsoft  Media Center TV stream with 8-10 Mbps, and MPEG 2 HDTV with about 20 Mbps per channel, and products like the Atheros XSPAN with up to 300 Mbps.

The improvements have been taken to all the Atheros products that deal with GPS technology, hardware and software also.  They have put the second generation, single chip GPS receiver,  along with the Orion 3.0 software suit into many mobile phones.  These provide users with Personal Navigation Devices and  Personal Media Players all combined into their cell phone.

The Radio-On-Chip Mobile or ROCm is Atheros current updated product. This smartphone device provides high through put with low use of power.  This product uses 70% less power when in use, and almost zero when in stand by mode.  Making these smartphones a very efficient buy.

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